Campione has an excellent primary school and high school. Classes are entirely in Italian. In Lugano there are many schools, public and private including ‘The Franklin and Tessin High School and College” an elite English language boarding school that accepts day students. We understand this old Swiss school on Via Ponte Tresa is co-ed and takes students from sixth to twelfth grade. A large number of American universities run “junior year abroad” campuses in the area. There are special programs for young Americans who want to spend one or two years abroad. We do not recommend these programs for students who will be around long enough to take a European university degree course because these American programs are in our opinion and in that of European Academia below the standards of the European universities.

In Varese in Italy, not far from Campione, there is the European school run by the EU authorities. Four languages are taught, or rather subjects are taught in four languages so that students may be fluent in all of them to get along. The final High School Diploma is the much coveted European Baccalaureate which will get you into any university almost anywhere.
There appears to be a wide local choice in English language secondary and college classes in Switzerland. In Milan, the Bocconi School is said to be the European equivalent of Harvard’s Graduate School of Business Administration. We have not given much space to exploring educational opportunities because we feel most of our readers do not have school age children. If our assumption is wrong, please write to Scope International and write to The International Herald Tribune, 92521 Neuilly, Cedex, France for its free educational directory.
If anything, one is spoiled for a choice of schools in this area because there are so many. Expatriates with children create a need and that need is well filled. We understand that in the Milan area there is even a Japanese traditional grammar and high school, as well as schools specifically set up for Americans and most other nationalities. Swiss boarding schools are legendary for their high standards and excellent tuition.
Generally, any child who goes to school in the Campione area would become at least tri-lingual. All Swiss and most northern Italian university graduates know at least four languages. Americans, to their discredit, bungle through high school French or Spanish without ever learning how to communicate in these languages. In order to graduate from any university in this part of the world, the student will have to speak fluently and write English, French, German and Italian. In liberal arts, mastery of Latin or ancient Greek is also required, as well as in-depth literature studies. The typical American student will be amazed at the high standards and academic demands of university level or even high school courses in Europe. If motivated, American or Canadian children will have to work much harder in Campionese or Swiss schools but they can get through and be much better off for the extra effort.

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