We have observed that there is a category of people who are psychologically unable or unwilling to live with a low profile. They want to engage in conspicuous consumption, show off jewels and expensive cars and gamble with big denomination chips at the casino. They give extravagant parties and enjoy being profiled in newspaper articles and pictured on the covers of high-society magazines. This is all quite difficult to do in most places and still avoid taxes. But so long as you do not get the locals mad at you, it is possible to disregard our low profile credo and go high profile without any tax damage as long as you are not a legal resident of Campione. You must, however, have permission to stay as a guest. Residents are liable for tax. We still don’t think flaunting it is such a good idea. A blatant lifestyle will attract burglars, kidnappers, confidence men, tricksters, parasites and hangers-on, even if it does not attract police investigators and tax-collectors. Those who want to be high profile must have then- papers in order. A legal residence card from Monaco is appropriate. See Scope’s The Monaco Report for more information. Low profile people could get by without formally establishing legal domicile.

In Campione, one can be high-profile and at least local police or tax-collectors won’t start snooping. As to kidnappers and jewel-thieves, they could follow you to Campione or anywhere else if you advertise what an easy target you are. The lady who gives journalists interviews about the million dollar diamond she always wears in her belly-button is just inviting trouble. Campione is not nearly as much of a police state as Monaco, but for tax reasons the nasty, armed and greedy Finanza men are only a stone’s throw away. If you are burgled or robbed, it will probably be an unsolved crime.


Thus, while you may be able to be high profile in Campione and not attract tax problems, we wouldn’t deem it to be totally safe from criminal elements. Crimes of personal violence (such as muggings or armed robbery) are however, almost unheard of. In fact, Campione has the lowest crime rate in Europe, perhaps at least in part due to its elaborate system of video monitoring by hidden cameras on the main streets. Look out… Big Brother is watching. Naturally, as you might expect from hot-blooded Italians during affairs of love, those in the wrong beds sometimes get shot. The only shootings and stabbings in Campione seem to involve the very Italian crimes of passion. Unfortunately, a few burglaries do happen to homes that are vacant over long periods of time. Proper security can mitigate against this.

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